Social interactive architecture

Urban social democratic architectureOk, I admit, the three-dimensional browser was a nice idea, but a CRAPPY PICTURE! I just didn’t have the patience.. Whatever, now Stylewalker’s back with some fotos! Taken on a nice and sunny day in Berlin where I met two guys in the street, dismantling a postbox and a big sign: “Look at it and decide what you want to do here!”.

Interesting idea: There was a free space, right next to a café and a house, in Schwedter Straße. The guys study architecture and set up the experiment of letting people give them ideas for some kind of pulicly used space.

Urban social democratic architectureOf course, the nice weather influences their decision: swimming pools, barbecues, bars (“free beer” was an important category..), a little park, social gardening for city kids (great idea, in my opinion), a zoo..

Although I don’t like to imprison anyone, I like the idea of little tigers in my backyard. Let’s see what happens there, probabably some kind of posh apartment house.

Watch some pictures more from Berlin in spring.



Skyline Alexanderplatz

Skyline Alexanderplatz

Skyline Alexanderplatz