Stockholm Style: Weekday, fashion mecca

Weekday StockholmIt was last December that I went to Sweden but not until now was I able to post some pictures from a fashion store that has influenced contemporary fashion like hardly any other in Europe. Weekday promotes what you might call “Stockholm style”, like slim jeans, egg-shaped coats, fine and cute dresses and reduced minimalistic shirts. Among offering premium brands like Acne they run their own labels like Cheap Monday which is much more affordable or the new brand Qoniak. I spent hours in their store on Götgatan in the cool neighborhood “Söder” which not only has a very clean and inviting interior with a big vintage area (something I personally like very much) but also a little tailoring desk. Actually, they don’t like people taking pictures in their store but after explaining what Stylewalker is like, they let me do it. Thanks! Enjoy pictures after the click.
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Tonight: Stylewalker at BBBbaby

Das BBbaby ist ein neuer Club, der temporär in den Räumen des ehemaligen “Schwarzen Raben” in der Neuen Schönhauser 13 residiert. Sehr simpel, sehr schick, sehr konzept: Eintritt sind stolze 15EUR, dafür findet man drinnen Kühlschränke voller Moritz Pilsener, Cava und Solan de Cabras (klasse Wasser) zur freien Verfügung der Anwesenden. Statt Bar, sozusagen. Andere sagen Flatrate.

Alles dies sind katalanische Köstlichkeiten, herrührend von der Verbbbindung der Macher nach Barcelona. Diese organisieren dort halbjährlich die Modemesse Bread&Butter und eröffnen zur Wintersaison einen Laden in Berlin, in der, genau, Schönhauser 13. Got it? Immer Dienstags, Donnerstags und Freitags zwischen 20h und 24h gibt es also Eklektisches vom Plattenteller und Eklektiker in den Sofas und an den Säulen lehnend. Diesen Dienstag (heute) gibt es Musik von Stylewalker (that’s me!) und Steve (somebody else!). Donnerstag den 24.04. auch (da geht es vielleicht auch ein bisschen länger)

Wer kommen will, sagt mir Bescheid, ich habe ein begrenztes Kontingent auf der Gästeliste und auch für alle anderen gibt es Rabatt. Bitte schreibt mir, ob ihr heute oder am Donnerstag kommen wollt, dann machen wir ne Flasche Cava auf und lassen sie in unsere Nabel perlen. Fins ara!

Deutschlands erste (blog me) Site (oder BlogMeSite?)

Universal, Yahoo and PANORAMA3000 proudly present Germany’s first BlogMeSite for Jack Johnson. [Disclaimer: I work for P3000 now and we are not really certain about the name, the original developer David from France obviously likes “(blog me) SITE” more, but I am not so sure if that’s a good idea. “BlogMeSite” would be much better in terms of search engine findability, and the domain obviously is as well. What do you think? “BlogMeSite” oder “(blog me) SITE”?]

Anyway, the thing, whatever you want to call it, is a blast. You can put in whatever you want and you can put it wherever you want. It’s a microsite widget which consists of a bunch of flash content with audio, video, news (via RSS even), dates and newsletter box. The cool thing is the blogme-Code: Copy the code to your blog or whatever social network profile, there’s even a Facebook application for it. And it get’s even easier: MySpace users e.g. just type in their login data and can post it to any section of their profile with a simple click. BlogMeSites are going to be huge, I am sure, because thery are the überwidgets. But what am I telling you: Just try it out!

Shopwindoz Darryl Feldman interview

“Why is online shopping so boring?” asks Darryl Feldman, head of Tsoosaylabs who are the people behind a very intuitive and creative shopping platform, aiming at Microbrands, little shops and creative people who they are giving an environment to market products which you won’t find anywhere on the web.
Here is a little interview I did with Darryl for


DSL55 – Art, Sausages, Pop up

DSL55 Pop Up Guerilla Store HamburgOne of the hippest things to do these days in marketing for clothing brands is creating a “guerilla pop up store”, a place to have parties, exhibitions and to sell clothes. It’s guerilla because it looks all improvised and pop up because it only lasts for a certain time.

Diesel’s little brother brand 55DSL does that in Hamburg in a former milk bar and the opening last weekend worked pretty well. They had lots of beer and sausages and a hiphop DJ who was a little sad because he was only allowed to play at radio volume. The police showed up five times, the street was packed with people who wanted to get in and the place was packed with people in white plastic bags who couldn’t get out. That, of course, was an art installation by New York artist Mike Bouchet.

DSL55 Hamburg Pop Up Guerilla StoreAll to promote a new collection by Renzo Rosso’s (the Diesel founder) son, Andrea Rosso, who designed some very new ravy pieces. The audience last weekend maybe was even a little too old for that kind of clothes but from now on the store is open until the 30th of November – Schulterblatt 12, Hamburg so anybody can have a look.

Die besten LaFraise-Shirts zur Zeit

Dies ist ein von trigami vermittelter bezahlter Eintrag Hinweis: Dies ist ein von trigami vermittelter bezahlter Eintrag.

La Fraise Stylewalker Favorit 2
La Fraise habe ich ja hier schon ein paar Mal erwähnt, da ist es mir mir nicht besonders schwer gefallen, auf dieses Angebot einzugehen: Drei T-Shirts finden, die mir gut gefallen und darauf verlinken.

Noch ein paar Worte zu LaFraise? Na klar: LaFraise ist eine T-Shirt-Design-Community, die sich schön über die Jahre entwickelt hat, bevor sie unlängst von Spreadshirt gekauft wurde. Angefangen hat alles beim Programmierer und T-Shirt Fan Patrice Cassard in Paris, der seine Freunde einlud, über T-Shirt Designs abzustimmen und sie dann herzustellen. Inzwischen gibt es tausende Besucher täglich und unzählige Designer, die hier ihre Vorschläge für fantasievolle T-Shirts hochladen.

Diese werden zunächst nach Umsetzbarkeit und Qualität geprüft (Als Hilfe für Designer gibt es auch Templates, Designvorlagen für die richtigen Größen, Platzierung etc.). Sind die Kriterien erfüllt, werden sie freigeschaltet, um sieben Tage lang von der Community bewertet zu werden. Aus den am besten bewerteten Designs wählt das LaFraise-Team drei Motive pro Woche aus und produziert sie als T-Shirts. Der Designer erhält 1000€, dafür darf LaFraise das T-Shirt 500 mal verkaufen. Die Rechte am Bild behält aber der Designer. Continue reading

Bling! Shirts shoes and blogs

Oy yeah, I like my new Bling-shirt. On the one hand, I think it’s so cool everybody should have one, on the other hand I love it so much I’d get jealous if any other person would be slipping into it. Tricky. But, what the heck, I love my readers and you should be really stylish and have a bling shirt, too. So, here is how to get:

Great guys (Pit, for example) behind this passionate little webshop, selling stuff from Berlin they like to people they like. We all live in a pink coloured world, you know..

And for you leisure fashion lovers, here are some cool ressources: Selekkt and Addicteed are two very nice shirt blogs I found via Matthias. Und hier ist ein richtig geiler Sneakerblog, der auch so heißt:

(nach der Politik die letzten Tage komme ich mir irgendwie so oberflächlich vor. Aber tut auch mal ganz gut.)

La Fraise affiliation program, éditeur de bien jolis is a design community who produce shirts. It started in 2004 as an experiment by the Parisien Patrice Cassard who set up a system to upload designs, present them as shirts and let users vote the best styles. He then started to produce and sell the most popular shirts, in a limited number, paying royalties to the original designer. Now, the site has grown ever more popular into a European shirt design community (and has recently been acquired by Spreadshirt).

Lafraise offers an affiliate program for people who promote the shirts. Since I do not only like most of the designs but also the whole community approach of the idea, I decided to put a flashcode into my site (in the sidebar to the right) which shows the recent designs. If you decide to buy a shirt after clicking the banner, I will get 10% of the purchased sum which I can spend on shirts., éditeur de bien jolis T-shirts. It’s a nice idea and just an experiment and since I like the shirts anyway and assume that my visitors will too, I figured why not try it out. What do you think? Are you being annoyed by the animated banner? Do you think it is a smart idea? Or is lafraise ripping me off with poor gratification?

Cookies revisited

Cookies BerlinJulie, thank you for the picture!I have to admit: I really love that place. My flatmates just ran off to make their first visit to Cookies but this time I be a good boy and stay home. Science wants me tomorrow. But since the opening party two months ago, I guess I have been there six or seven times and it has always been great. Seeing people I do not normally meet, enjoying the special, hedonistic atmosphere and listening to really great music.

I danced to Sebo K, Acid Maria, Shir Khan, Carsten Kleeman, Clé.. and the sound has majorly improved and now fills the old cinema with bombastic waves of bass and melody. Almost every night there is a band, pretty unknown mostly, deep and sometimes experimental. It’s an interesting climax because after the show, it’s like the party begins. Enjoy some more fotos after the click and that’s enough for the promotion right now.
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