La Fraise affiliation program, éditeur de bien jolis is a design community who produce shirts. It started in 2004 as an experiment by the Parisien Patrice Cassard who set up a system to upload designs, present them as shirts and let users vote the best styles. He then started to produce and sell the most popular shirts, in a limited number, paying royalties to the original designer. Now, the site has grown ever more popular into a European shirt design community (and has recently been acquired by Spreadshirt).

Lafraise offers an affiliate program for people who promote the shirts. Since I do not only like most of the designs but also the whole community approach of the idea, I decided to put a flashcode into my site (in the sidebar to the right) which shows the recent designs. If you decide to buy a shirt after clicking the banner, I will get 10% of the purchased sum which I can spend on shirts., éditeur de bien jolis T-shirts. It’s a nice idea and just an experiment and since I like the shirts anyway and assume that my visitors will too, I figured why not try it out. What do you think? Are you being annoyed by the animated banner? Do you think it is a smart idea? Or is lafraise ripping me off with poor gratification?