Bling! Shirts shoes and blogs

Oy yeah, I like my new Bling-shirt. On the one hand, I think it’s so cool everybody should have one, on the other hand I love it so much I’d get jealous if any other person would be slipping into it. Tricky. But, what the heck, I love my readers and you should be really stylish and have a bling shirt, too. So, here is how to get:

Great guys (Pit, for example) behind this passionate little webshop, selling stuff from Berlin they like to people they like. We all live in a pink coloured world, you know..

And for you leisure fashion lovers, here are some cool ressources: Selekkt and Addicteed are two very nice shirt blogs I found via Matthias. Und hier ist ein richtig geiler Sneakerblog, der auch so heißt:

(nach der Politik die letzten Tage komme ich mir irgendwie so oberflächlich vor. Aber tut auch mal ganz gut.)