Deutschlands erste (blog me) Site (oder BlogMeSite?)

Universal, Yahoo and PANORAMA3000 proudly present Germany’s first BlogMeSite for Jack Johnson. [Disclaimer: I work for P3000 now and we are not really certain about the name, the original developer David from France obviously likes “(blog me) SITE” more, but I am not so sure if that’s a good idea. “BlogMeSite” would be much better in terms of search engine findability, and the domain obviously is as well. What do you think? “BlogMeSite” oder “(blog me) SITE”?]

Anyway, the thing, whatever you want to call it, is a blast. You can put in whatever you want and you can put it wherever you want. It’s a microsite widget which consists of a bunch of flash content with audio, video, news (via RSS even), dates and newsletter box. The cool thing is the blogme-Code: Copy the code to your blog or whatever social network profile, there’s even a Facebook application for it. And it get’s even easier: MySpace users e.g. just type in their login data and can post it to any section of their profile with a simple click. BlogMeSites are going to be huge, I am sure, because thery are the überwidgets. But what am I telling you: Just try it out!