Discussing the future of music in Berlin

Future of music discussion berlinOne of the most savy bloggers, not only about music and the positive powers of the net, Johnny Haeusler (Spreeblick) meets Peter Zombik, director of IFPI Germany, one of the hardest fighters against music piracy. This is going to be an interesting discussion.

“Am Dienstag in Berlin: Das Internet und die Zukunft der Musik” – the future of music, a panel discussion at Grüner Salon der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. September 19th, 20h, free, later some music.

Last weekends party

Also, die Party am Samstag war großartig, ich konnte alles spielen, von den spacigsten alten Disco-Dingern über dreckigen minimalen Funk bis zu Münchener Freiheit zu Dubstep, Madonna, Big Beat Krachern – der Dancefloor am Kochen. Höhepunkt war natürlich die Ping Pong Session mit Patrick, dabei hatte ich den miesen Plattenspieler (Rückkoppeln, Springen, Brummen, ein konstanter Ritt am Höchstbelastungslimit) und die unfehlbaren Hits und er den geilen Plattenspieler, die fehlerfreie Mixtechnik und den neusten Underground Scheiß. Dazu ein echtes Wohnungsparty-Feel, mit Kronleuchter, Parkett und Flügeltüren, also diese Villa kann ich für Parties nur empfehlen (Wer Interesse hat schreibt mir, ich vermittele dann..). Danke an alle die da waren, wir haben toll gefeiert und ich war mal wieder viel zu spät zu hause. Hier ein kleiner Videoeindruck von mir hinter den Decks (aber mach den Sound aus!):
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DJs Anonymous, Delvai, WOS04

Ben Mono on Djs AnonymousDJs Anonymous linked me as a friend! And they released a new mix by Ben Mono, see below. Great stuff, deep and funky, slow and grroovy, spacy bit hop soul infusion!

Moreover, Marco Delvai is going to play in Berlin, Yaneq invited him to Berliner Wald: spoken word unlimited with Wolf Hogekamp, Bas Böttcher, FlowinIMMO and Jim Dunloop at the funky Rhodes on thursday, 21.9.!

And from tomorrow I’ll be going to the Wizards of OS to see Lawrence Lessig and meet Yochai Benkler for a short interview. Not to talk about the party on saturday. So, some pretty interesting days coming up, stay tuned for some stories!


Stylewalker at Villa in Landsberger

It is about time to get back behind the turntables. This will happen next saturday, in Berlin, Landsberger Alle 54, in an old, empty house with a friendly partycrowd because we will celebrate two birthdays – an actress’ and a designers: so pretty, extrovert and stylish people are guaranteed. Patrick Gräser will join me on the decks, I will heat up and he’ll finish with his consequent club flavour. Be there, opens at 22:00h!

Beachvolley over the Berlin Wall

Beach MittePhoto by OutdoorAlex on FlickrThat’s right, I got the nice invitation to play some ball in Beach Mitte on sunday. I enjoyed not only the sun and the physical exercise (sweating out all the evil after two nights of partying) but also the inspiring moment to kick it over the wall (yes, THE wall) twice and climb over to retrieve it. Great fun and big recommendation while september is still sunny!
One hour is 12€, makes 3€ divided by at least 4 and worth it.
Update: Too bad, I missed this party..

DJ for rent!

Marco DelvaiThere will be the great chance to book a DJ from Barcelona for your party in Berlin! Marco Delvai is going to be here and will bring his music. He is a resident in Barcelona’s famous club city hall (best day: sunday evening on the terrace..) and has been playing in many other sites in Spain and lately even in London with Mike Monday on an afterhour called WRONG.

Do you need to know more to be sure he knows what he’s doing? Check out the two mixes at the bottom and another blogpost! This guy is on the rise and you could be part of it. He will be here september 21st (thursday) to sep 26th (tuesday), drop me a mail and we’ll talk about the details! Continue reading

Plans 2.1

Wow, so many plans and no time to realize it all. So, note to self: Do it, lazy boy!

  • 1st: Integrate tags into stylewalker – I have enough content now to tag it more thoroughly and it would be cool to let people participate – suggest tags and if I like them they will be part of the categorization. Does anyone know a good WP-plugin?
  • Start a blog about organizational identity and weblogs. I am writing my master thesis and should export some wisdom to the net.
  • Buy a DJ! A friend is coming from Barcelona, Marco Delvai, you can book him for little money and big fun! Expect more information later.
  • A guide to MySpace – people keep asking me what to do there and I should write down all the things I tell each one of them.

And: A great mix at Miss Glitter – Bastard Cutz on bastard rec.

Comments about the propositions are open and welcome. Say something!


Pentagonik is a netlabel which means they publish all their releases online, in this case for free and without any restricitions. The labelmakers and producers have an impressive and high quality output of bouncy techhouse tunes, often with a playful attitude. A good introduction to the pentagonik style is DJ Cotumo’s labelmix, out on Zerinnerung. Drives forward and gives you sunday teaparty at home nice after-hour feel!


Pentagonik and Jahtari are two of the netlabels which will present their creative force on the netlabels party of the Wizards of OS conference, 14th to 16th september in Berlin – free culture, knowledge sharing, alternative licensing. Go!

Check out netzpolitik for more information about the WOS (and many more events, literature, IFA, etc) on netzpolitik.org

Beobachtungen zweiter Ordnung

Tita von Hardenbergs BeobachtungSystemtheoretiker und Konstruktivisten aufgepasst! Wenn wir die Welt nur durchs beobachten konstruieren (Matrix und so, vielleicht sind wir ja alle angeschlossen und keiner merkts, you know), dann ist das eine Beobachtung erster Ordnung, right? Wenn wir durch Medien wie TV oder Blogs die Welt beobachten, dann ist das wohl eine Beobachtung zweiter Ordnung.

Wenn Tita von Hardenberg, die eine eigene TV-Sendung hat, sich und Harald Schmidt mit der Kamera beobachtet und wir sie dann später auf ihrem Blog dabei beobachten, ja welche Beobachtungsordnung haben wir denn dann? Die Medien beobachten die Medien, wir beobachten die Medien und dabei die Welt und uns selbst. Mein Gott, als Systemtheoretiker muss man doch irgendwann wahnsinnig werden..
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