Illjazz from New York

Illjazz“llJazz is a monthly mix podcast serving up soulful sounds from the past and present. It’s all about rare grooves, party breaks, selective hip-hop tracks, and vintage electronic cuts.” Illjazz is Andrew from New York djing, he’s a really sociable guy and has a great taste in music. As long as it’s good and funky it’s perfect for him. And for me, too!

I especially enjoyed his sheep meadows mix of soulful house music. The setting is like this: “Each weekend afternoon, hundreds of rollerskaters come down and dance on skates to funk, disco, garage, house, etc. mostly older people who used to party back in the 70s and 80s NYC club scene – Paradise Garage, The Loft, etc. Lot’s of funky ass people!!” Enjoy some original New York house: