Geeky videointerviews

Videopodcasts done by prominent bloggers and charismatic heads from the internetscene have been popping up recently (like the one I referred to yesterday) and here’s a little top 4 of what I think is worth watching.

Robert Scoble started a videoblog with interviewing Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s CEO is a german videocast by one of the Spreadshirt founders Lukasz Gadowski focussing on German entrepreneurs like Stefan Glänzer (Last FM), Jürgen Kluge (Head of McKinsey Germany) and Thomas Knüwer (Handelsblatt). Unfortunately pretty bad quality in picture and sound and sometimes a little unispired interviewer, yet very interesting people. has interviews with interesting people from all over the world and has really good editing.

and one of my favourites is the conversation between Joi Ito and Loic LeMeur about online gaming, video and copyright