New DJ Shir Khan mix

On short notice: a new DJ Shir Khan Mix: “I can see your Tiger Stripes”. [audio:] As the tiger says himself: A mix of techno-baile, romantic future distortions, baltimore crunk, stairway to heaven-rock, modern disco and current rave anthems. …featuring … Continue reading

Exploited Party Arty Summer Jam

Banner Exploited Party Arty Summer Rave

This is going to be an excellent festival! Exploited label and the Party Arty crew come together on the Alt Stralau island in the middle of Berlin in an old carpet factory to celebrate music, poetry and art. I highly recommend this event, not only because Exploited label boss Shir Khan and Party Arty found Yaneq are two of my oldest Berlin companions and I am really proud what they have achieved. See you there!

That’s the exploited artists and a glimpse at what their parties look like:
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