Summer hit Doctor Dru & Adana Twins – Juicy Fruit

Summer hit? Who needs a summer hit? We all do, to remember, to dance into the sunset, on the top a roof, above the big city, especially with such a shit summer we have this year in Berlin. So this easy, discoy, kind-of-familiar-sounding thing is exactly what I would play at an open air summer party and that’s the moment when everybody would get into the groove, when the nice conversations start over the second cocktail, when the relaxing kicks in after some hard days of work. This is the kind of summer song we want and we need. This is what it is all about. Enjoy Doctor Dru & Adana Twins – Juicy Fruit in this video which let’s you wish you’d be there. Ok, I admit, it’s a bit cheesy, but “I like it” 🙂

Buy the Vinyl on Juno or buy the Mp3 at Beatport or on itunes

The song is out on Exploited, my old buddy Shir Khan’s label. And here you can listen to what it would be like when the party goes on:
SHIR KHAN presents BLACK JUKEBOX 01 (trax by Homework, Doctor Dru&Adana Twins) by Exploited