Outlook 2012 – Sunday

Deserted festival stages have something melancholic, yet promising about them. At daytime, without people, they look like resting giants, awaiting the night and the lights and the audience. All silent, about to be filled with life. I like that view. Here are most of the Outlook stages at daytime.

This is the main one (quite a standard festival stage).

The following are all the stages in and between the old fort. Fort1 and Mungo’s are the biggest and connected by a path on top of them. Inside the fort, there is the Courtyard, the Dungeon (inside, very small) and my favorite: Noah’s ballroom. Only a small circle, surrounded by big walls.

I did not get a good picture of the ballroom by day, so here’s one by night.

The most impressive is certainly the Moat. Situated in the old water moat around the heavy walls of the fort it is almost 100 meters long and forms an infamous tunnel of bass.

Back to the beach to enjoy the last sun beams.

All I needed now, was to get on a boat. I walked down to the harbor to try my luck. Only to see the last of four ships float away in front of me.

But no worries, I managed to convince the boat organizers that it would be extremely necessary to also report from a boat to make the festival experience complete.

I was superthankful for the courtesy to put me on a boat in the last minute, because it is actually very difficult to get on these. Apparently the official tickets sold out within 10 minutes. And many people would have loved to get on the boat I finally came on.

Take a look at the Reggae boat. It’s not the one I was on, but it’s a good impression of the steamy atmosphere there.

Boat parties in general are great. Not only because floating is nice and sun and nature and all that but from the view of the social dynamics also. You really have the chance to get to know people. Obviously, nobody can leave for several hours and the music also builds up a very intimate atmosphere.

Talking about the music: As said, I was lucky to get on the DMZ boat with Mala. Very deep and crystal sound, relaxed and intense, like made for this kind of cruise. A perfect start into a night where I should get much more of my desired style of music. On display was also Skream’s “booze cruise” but that would have been too much for me for sure.

So I danced smoothly and talked to some Swiss people, a bunch from the Netherlands, an engineering woman who designs oil platforms and last but not least the Croatian sailor who gave me his flirting advice: “You have to let the girl know that you want her!” Ok, thanks!

My next stop was the Dockside stage with the Chestplate vs Osiris night. I stayed for almost three hours and watched Kryptic Minds, Distance and Youngsta together with thousands of people and with such a clear and powerful sound that made the music literally appear in the air. Impressive. Also the amount and the excitement of the audience for musicians who probably would gather no more than 300 people or so in Berlin!

The rest of the night went on like most festival nights, strolling around, bumping into people, like the owner of the hostel I stayed in and also other people I had met the day before. It is this kind of familial feeling that makes you sad when the event is over. And despite the size of the area and about 20 000 people being there, Outlook is small enough to allow for this encounters.

I wish the organizers all the best for keeping that spirit. But I am quite confident that they will. These people know what they do and they did a really good job. The sound is superb, the light was good, although there is certainly more room for unusual ideas like this projection surface out of styrofoam which makes the stage look like a socialist building.

The securities were professional and friendly and certainly did a good job in managing the crowd in the very little floors. The only security issue were some dodgy black taxi drivers who tried to get people in their cars and apparently also attacked someone directly outside the area. So be careful there!

I also liked the food, especially the fruit salad revived my spirits friday at night! And suprisingly there was no big brand sponsoring to see, only the usual drink branding. And that’s quite cool because it makes the festival more unique and less standardized.

To put in a nutshell: Even if I missed my flight home because the boat came in too late to Venice and I am on a train to Milan to catch the last Easyjet flight to Berlin which makes about 160 EUR extra including the train ticket and even if it was an Odyssee to get there, I had a great time. I had inspiring musical moments, many conversations with new people, some sun, some rain, some meditarrenean water around my feet and the perfect little getaway I needed from Berlin.

Thank you Outlook, hvala Pula and Croatia for this weekend!

On my way to Outlook festival

Before I boarded the plane this morning, I took a look at the weather forecast for Pula, Croatia: rain until monday. Well, quite disappointing. But maybe the right thing to lower my expectations a bit. Which are dangerously high since I have seen and heard such great things about the “worlds best bass music festival” on a beautiful peninsula in Croatia next to the old coast town of Pula.

Now I am sitting in Venice, looking over the adriatic coast, in the sun with an espresso and it is hard to imagine that on the other side the weather could be any less good. But wait, Venice, why Venice? Well, the roads to Outlook are not really straightforward.

All flights there cost a fortune. And they already did 4 weeks ago. Some of them take longer than a day. I tried for hours to find a good combination, also to fly to Ljubiljana, Zagreb or Triest. But no. Until I took a look at the actual map and saw an intersting dotted line from the harbour of Pula: A ferry to Venice!

And that´s why I am here now, I am waiting for a ship which will take me to the other side, almost directly to the festival site. Finally, this idea of flying to Venice with Easyjet and then smoothly getting in on a boat like a sailor was tempting and also affordable enough for me to spontaneously make this decision to go and cover the Outlook festival.

So stay tuned and read more about my trip during the upcoming days.

My best tracks from the Devorama party

The Devorama party was a big, packed, sweaty and joyful event. I was superhyped and excited that everything went so well and sat at the terrace with the last crew until the sun rose. The party guests showed their devotion with buying more drinks after the 30 free beer crates were gone. And of course, I took my chance to play some tunes after Symbiz had finished the energy loaded show. Here are my favorites of this quite dark dubstep set which actually made some people dance in the end.

Starting very dark and intense with Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP

Spill in some echo reggae sweetness, RSD – Kingfisher

It gets a bit funkier and people start to get it with Killawatt’s Mantra

And my highlight Distal – Booyant

I ended with more straight tunes, like Martyn and Mike Slotts All Nights

to hand over to Paula who continued with discoish tunes from the Loftus Hall

The pic up there is by Matze Hielscher, finde more party pics here!

Melt 2012 – Arrival

This is the 8th Melt! festival in a row for me. During the last years I have constantly worked as an artist host, taking care of Goldie, Deichkind, Bloc party and many many more. This year, for the first time, I will “only” be a guest. I’ll probably feel strange and look for some beer crates to carry around anyway.

Since I do not have to wear a walkie talkie and run around super busy I actually spent a minute thinking about the right style and what to wear. Inspired by Milenskaya and her festvival styleguide I thought about what could be my sailors hat. Could I combine a horn around my neck with motto shirts like “honk for a hug”, “honk if you’re hot”? We’ll see how that goes.

I am also curious to see if the friday will be costume day like last year. I saw lots of fairies, superheroes and nurses.

Anyway, I am looking forward to 5 days filled with music, people and party!! Here’s the festival trailer:

Rainy lake

Crew catering

Artist info point

Long weekend – parties in Berlin

I’ll post some parties here which flew in my inbox. This is going to be the first real summer weekend, monday is a holiday, so be prepared!

Schau Fenster gallery opening
Tonight (friday 25th of may) I’ll play some tunes at Schau Fenster from 8pm. Come around, grab a beer, they are free!

Renate Open Air
Starts tonight, goes on for four days, on a lake, camping etc.
Who Made Who, Shir Khan, Koze and many, many others.

Courtyard Opening at Picknick – Saturday

Karneval der Kulturen
On sunday, all over Kreuzberg, full program here.

Sunday will also see many open airs, check the Open Air Berlin facebook page for current updates or Resident Advisor

Party Arty 37 – avec Stylewalker

“Woah, that’s a big flyer”. Hell yeah! It’s a big party. I am excited because I’ve always been a fan of Party Arty and now finally I get to play there. Stylewalker on the decks again! This saturday, Ritter Butzke.

I always liked it because it was different. Always with big ambitions, Yaneq, the party dictator and organizer, tried to mix “vibes from different tribes” and presented diverse music, installations, performances and always a good crowd of people. In case you’ve never been there, here’s your chance: comment or hit me up via mail or Facebook if you want to be on the guestlist.

This is my personal agenda: The more people come, the more likely it is that I get a room on my own. And I want that, together with DJ Gaucho we would give you a good time on a little club floor.

And the rest of the crew is grand too, Sirius Mo and many others, check the line up here.

Not convinced yet? Watch this video of party mayhem and get your ass there on saturday!

Oh, music? Sure! Go back to my Party Arty 37 tracks selection and listen to this mix by Gaucho

Und wer immer noch nach mehr Hintergrundinfos dürstet, dem sei hier dieses Interview (aus meiner Küche) gegeben:

Fluxus and me

Next friday I’ll be playing at an event with some legends from the 60ies Fluxus art movement. I am thrilled!

Come around to see Ben Patterson, one of the Fluxus founders, Iput, Eric Andersen and Willem de Ridder at the Schau Fenster Gallery at Lobeckstr.30, from 8pm. A good way to end the week and start the friday night!

The opening party is part of the “Fluxus Today” conference by the Akademie der Künste and the exhibition “The lunatics are on the loose“.

Pretty cool to see my name in such an arty environment. Let alone the question: What am I supposed to play?! Well, I have some days to think left, I guess. Suggestions for songs are welcome in the comments.

Movie about Berlin techno scene in the 90ies

The electronic music magazine Resident Advisor has started a new video series called “Real Scenes”. The third issue is about Berlin and its protagonists during the last 30 years. The film is great because it explains Berlins techno history in a very understandable way but also very well captures the feeling of getting lost and trying to escape from the pressure which always has and will be a motive for partying, especially in Berlin. The photography is nice with great scenes from Mauerpark, clandestine raves, clubs which have moved from underground to establishment like Watergate and Tresor and lots of squatted houses.

We hear people like Michael Hain (Hardwax), Tobias Rapp (author and Spiegel journalist), Dixon, Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor founder), Bene and Tom (Renate club), Sascha (Apparat) or Daniel Meteo from Shitkatapult. The protagonists explain the history of the openness of Berlin after the wall came down with lots of space and lack of rules. And also its transition from being a German underground city to a internationally known hotspot with all the good and bad this development brings.

You can find more “real scenes” documentaries about Bristol and Detroit.