Movie about Berlin techno scene in the 90ies

The electronic music magazine Resident Advisor has started a new video series called “Real Scenes”. The third issue is about Berlin and its protagonists during the last 30 years. The film is great because it explains Berlins techno history in a very understandable way but also very well captures the feeling of getting lost and trying to escape from the pressure which always has and will be a motive for partying, especially in Berlin. The photography is nice with great scenes from Mauerpark, clandestine raves, clubs which have moved from underground to establishment like Watergate and Tresor and lots of squatted houses.

We hear people like Michael Hain (Hardwax), Tobias Rapp (author and Spiegel journalist), Dixon, Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor founder), Bene and Tom (Renate club), Sascha (Apparat) or Daniel Meteo from Shitkatapult. The protagonists explain the history of the openness of Berlin after the wall came down with lots of space and lack of rules. And also its transition from being a German underground city to a internationally known hotspot with all the good and bad this development brings.

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