Symbiz Sound

Symbiz Sound are probably the most entertaining bass music crew in Berlin, these two guys blow your mind when they play live. They go mental on their self built controller, sing, rap, play guitar, use the siren extensively and know exactly how to play with the audience. The first time I saw them, they managed to fill an empty tent with a raging crowd over the course of 30 minutes.

Symbiz’ ragga and tropical infused dubstep is densely filled with effect sounds, interesting changes, great vocals and funny ideas. Computer games get mashed in, a polka band, ironic shouts. It’s great fun, not too serious, yet with an attitude. These guys know what they’re doing and they never seem to run out of ideas.

Here is their most recent video, “Who cares?” as a 3D version. You’ll need cyan/red glasses to see it properly. Here’s the 2D version.

Here is the making-of which shows the immense effort needed to produce this. They got support by the Technical University of Braunschweig.

To prove their live qualities watch this:

At Melt, I was so impressed that I took the chance and asked them if they wanted to play at our P3000 Devorama summer party. And they said yes! So now I am so looking forward to tomorrow when they blow the roof off the place where we usually work.

The picture is from the Juicy Beats Fb page.