Melt 2012 sunday

Lazy sunday. My favorite day at Melt. Everybody is a bit hungover and fluffy. Movements are slower, in a common pace, people got used to each other, made friends and are a bit emotional because a great time is going to end. I got to see many, many concerts that day and in the very end had the lovely surprise to see my unexpected highlight. Here we go.

First concert: Lana del Rey. And the girl can sing! Really good and friendly, excited fans and perfect chilled music to start the last day. Pleasant surprise. Next were Freedom or Death. New discovery which I liked a lot.

Waiting in the evening sun to see Destroyer.

I was looking forward to this concert and wasn’t dissapointed. Daniel Bejar treated the microphone stand like a flamboyant walking stick. Very elegant, smooth and unexcited.

Hopping over to the sleepless to see if everything was alright in the last sunbeams. It was.

Gesaffelstein starting with some fat, slow electro disco french house smash. Ok, so party again.

Here you see a ZDF Kultur toy where every floor panel makes a different sound. Great idea but I pity the crew who had to look over it and listen to the noise for 4 days in a row.

And Justice for all. Very, very loud, but somewhat not really funky.

The Gaslamp Killer felt underemployed and jumped on stage as MC for Brodinski.

My personal Melt! highlight: Symbiz Sound celebrate a Latin infused Dubstep party at the Sneaker Freaker stand and made a spontaneous crowd jump and sing. People just came along and stopped, being dragged into the show by these great entertainers. They deserve a big stage!

And that’s it. A tired mainstage covered with the leftovers from the last days.

Thanks for a great festival again!