What is Favelas baile funk?

Malcewski Melancholia“It is a dance organized by the drug lords, where the violence and frustration explodes.”
Remember “City of God?” I recently watched this great movie again.

So, what’s the origin of violence and war? The answer seems simple: Angry young men. Sociologically this is summarized in the theory of the “Youth Bulge” which describes the battle of the sons for the powerful positions in a society. Happens all over the world for centuries, again and again. Terror and war are the most recent outcomes, the scientist Gunnar Heinsohn has written a fascinating book about the connection between the spare sons, fundamentalism, terror and war: “Söhne und Weltmacht” And now enjoy a short clip from the VICE travel DVD “Surviving the slums of Rio”

Surviving the Slums of Rio

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