30% of Italian members of parliament take drugs?

“In a classic sting operation some 50 politicians were fooled into thinking they were being interviewed about aspects of next year’s draft budget, currently before parliament. Instead, a make-up artist with a satirical TV show swabbed their eyebrows to get a sample of their perspiration, which was then tested for traces of cannabis and cocaine. Twelve allegedly tested positive for cannabis and four for cocaine, all apparently taken in the 36 hours before being approached.”
Taken from The Guardian
Despite the methodological errors these are impressive yet not very surprsing findings. Hey, here in Germany we got aware of that phenomenon six years ago already!
Watch a clip of a drunk George W. Bush after the click. Continue reading

Great HipHop-Soul-Funk-Disco-Eighties-Dance-Mix

Stylewalker could have done this mix here. (Self-promotion:)Come tonight to see me and you’ll be enjoying a soulful, urban mix of funky and electric tunes!

Just like in this mix by Berlin DJ Hunee. He blends together all kinds of music to a very entertaining, soulful and dancy melange that you, my dear readers and listeners, will all like a lot.
Download the music
Download the cover and tracklist

Tuesday: Stylewalker spins for Junge Helden

Junge Helden Flyer BangaluuAnd such I am going to do with famous people like Ian Pooley, Thees Uhlmann (Tomte) and Beatstakes. There will be a whole bunch of celebrities serving drinks: Jürgen Vogel, Nora Tschirner, Til Schweiger, Markus Kavka and many more. Click the image to see the whole flyer and read the news by Junge Helden.

The charity event for “Junge Helden“, an organization for promoting organ donation among young people in Germany, will take place tomorrow, tuesday, 10th of october at Bangaluu, Invalidenstr. 30

Samim Liveset

SamimSamim is one part of the famous “Fuck Pony“. Together with Jay Haze he lifts the ubiquitous Berlin minimal sound to a sophistcated and even soulful level.

Recently the Swiss-Iranian moved from Zürich to Berlin to bring his musical career to a new level. Here is a brilliant liveset, very deep and subtle, recently released by his booking agency Contexterriorbookings. You can find DJ mixes of him there, too.

And he’s well connected on the web, you can find him at many social media sites, e.g. add Samim on Myspace and most of all, start reading his blog Robidog about netculture and with nice links to remixes and DJ sets.


Wild style the movie – complete version

You can watch the complete version of the classic graffiti movie Style wars on Google video!

As drevhud on imdb puts it: “Many in the world of Hip Hop already know this film in and out. For those with only a passing interest in Hip Hop culture and Graffiti, this film is a must. Any lover of great documentary film making would appreciate Style Wars. Any individual who remembers, or wants to see, what New York City was like in the 70’s and 80’s should view this film. There are so many reasons to watch Style Wars”

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