animago award winner 2011

This video won this years animago awards “Sonderpreis der Jury. It’s DROPLETS by Simon Fiedler. Very skillful animation with drops, balls and shapes.

DROPLETS from Simon Fiedler on Vimeo.

Here’s the rest, the winner list (sorry, no links this time), I watched a few and thought Droplets was nicest, too. Overall I have the impression, that last years videos were a bit more interesting.

Beste Postproduktion:
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Digic Pictures (Ungarn)

Bestes Character-Design:
Nuts & Robbers von ToonBox Entertainment (Kanada)

Bestes Game-Design:
L.A. Noire von Rockstar Games

Bester Kurzfilm:
Flamingo Pride von Tomer Eshed (Deutschland)

Beste Visualisierung:
Bacon, Anyone? von Florian Köhne/Hannes Hoepfner (Deutschland)

Beste Werbeproduktion:
SUBARU “The Car Parts”, INFECTED Postproduction (Deutschland)

Beste interaktive Produktion:
~sedna touch Touch Image von ~sedna (Deutschland)

Bestes Still:
WC von Juan Siquier (Spanien)

Beste Stereo-3D-Produktion:
Luigis’ Pizzaride 3D von Florian Werzinski (Deutschland)

Sonderpreis der Jury:
DROPLETS von Simon Fiedler (Deutschland)