Stockholm style, fashion and nightlife

Hanna FridenEverybody is so crazy about Scandinavian design, especially in fashion lately, with labels like Acne or Cheap Monday capturing the world in no time. Having lived in Sweden I can confirm that Swedes DO have a lot of style, whether it be skater, lady or lad. It was fantastic living in Linköping (not for the style only, please, of course for the calm and warmhearted people). I also had a punk band there, but that’s another story..

Today I want to recommend Hanna Fridén who runs a blog (and does graphics and works for the magazin Stureplan and so on..) with lots of nice stories and moreover great photos of Stockholm people, fashion and lifestyle. She has also has a very charming writing. Which you can only enjoy if you read Swedish. Ha! No, seriously, I know some people who come here and understand it – Svenskar, var är ni? Säg något, är ni snäll!