Kornél Kovács in the mix

Kornel Kovacs at SpybarThis man rocked the club last saturday where I lost two jackets, a scarf and my keys. Good news is: I got it all back! But wow, what a party. Kornél Kovács is only 21 years old, lives in Stockholm and plays clubs like the Spybar or Teatron. We were happy to welcome him here in Berlin – and much more than the welcome I hardly remember.

So it’s a fantastic club, not only because lost things get found, but because of the familial atmosphere. And it’s so secret that I was told not to write anything about it – not even here on this tiny, unimportant blog. Wow. But that’s ok, exclusiveness is a secret to many succesful places.
All I can give you is this pack of stompy techy Stockholm electro tunes, please imagine the blond girls closing their eyes and shaking their hair: Kornél Kovács and his halloween mix and some pictures from the last “Nacht” at Spybar