Pimp my ride follow up

As a big fan of MTV´s show “Pimp my ride” I would like to suggest something and initiate an important search: If anyone knows about the people who have a pimped car now that really changed their life (Xzibit and his crew always claim to support people with their dreams and goals, right?!), please leave a comment!

Pimp ride interior

Leave me links! There must be some webpages that tell stories about the owners of pimped cars, maybe there is even a blog of a proud and “officially been pimped” guy or girl telling us about the fantastic story of their car and what it means for their life now.

So please, look for
– the kid who gives DJ classes to disabled children and who got a complete DJ set built in his trunk
– the girl who wants to teach film class and got an entire movie theatre built around her car
– the punkband guitarist who got his tour bus redesigned
– any other candidate from the show

What happened to them? Do they really tour, give classes, teach children, fulfill their dream? Can a car really change your life? Please, help me to follow the stories! Thank you!