Best of Re:publica 2011

I am strolling through the blog posts about this years re:publica and I must admit it feels really sad not having spent more time there than the lousy two hours I played at the closing party. I had just came home from my trip, I was sick (still am), I had to get back into work at P3000, I just could not go. Tuesday evening I very shortly shook some hands at the Collaboratory meetup, but no way to go to the conference, neither to the Twitter reading or the Google party at Clärchens Ballhaus, not on thursday, not to #tassebier, nor on friday, it’s a shame. Because the feel transmitted by the mood videos and all the enthusiastic and thoughtful posts really make me miss having seen all the people I really would have liked to meet.

Also I think I missed quite some input this year. I heard great stuff about bedroom programmers building maps to help disaster helpers, egyptian bloggers and of course the infamous Guten Tag Team (which apparently did a show so full of copyright infringements it will never be put online). Two great videos are already online and according to what’s been said, they are true #rp11 highlights. Sascha Lobo hilariously insulting the audience and the entire internet and the very nerdy and witty Guenter Dueck talking about the Internet as operating system.

Sascha Lobo – Trollforschung from Christian Cordes on Vimeo.

All linked content is in German, but I write in English, don’t know why, I guess I’m still in the mood.

As for the party: I’m sorry, I did not play good. I was not well prepared and did not really harmonize with Nilzenburgers hits. I should have just played some electro classics. Next year!!