The best Michael Jackson remixes

A true Stylewalker leans back. And waits and reads all the Michael Jackson posts and remixes and then selects the best for the reader. (the picture ist taken by the brilliant Ralph Uetzelhöffer who does very nice textportraits) Here we go:

LehtMoeJoe’s Beat it remix – in your face!

Bird Petersons Thriller remix – also very funky face

The Hood Internet / Ratatat Remix to Billie Jean – some kind of Roulé feely music sounds better with you’ish floor smoother

And finally a nice mash of “I want you back” with Lil’ Wayne (find more MJ mashs at Kickin Peanuts)

Boyz Noize – Eat it remix -heavy rock disco

Thriller Disco Tech Remix
– Prins Tomas space disco style, very close to the original

Louis La Roche Thriller remix
– another very compressed, tight floor filler with some fragments and happy moments

Thank you Hype Machine, Popwreckoning,, Chromekids