Hobnox Updates (how to embed your own files)

Hobnox audiotool_screenshot1Hobnox has some new, very much awaited features. First, you can now live record your music creation from the audiotool. Thus, Hobnox is one of the first web applications to use Flash10 which now supports wider audio emulation, not at least thanks to the “Adobe, Make some noise!“-campaign, partly driven by Hobnox developers.

Apart from that, the Audiotool has more features compared to the original version, e.g. a command bar which makes it easier to work with many machines plus when inactive for a while, the light fades out and the machines are solitarily left in the dark..

Listen to my little bass monster here:

Saving songs requires several steps, you will need to login, it will then be encoded and you can find it in ‘My files’, on visibility you can adjust copyright settings (also creative commons), here you need to allow embedding, then send the file to your stage, go to your stage, choose the file and on mouseover you’ll see the embed icon (< ..>) to get the embed code.

Moreover, you can save the live shows you can stream with Hobnox now (still, in a quality I haven’t seen on other platforms) to play them later in your profile, also the Evolution2 is still running.