Riga and no shorts

Damn, should have brought shorts! It’s hot! People go to the beach, hang out in the city, relax in the sun and are really, really friendly. I found a nice hostal (a dorm with 12 beds – 10€) with cool people (everybody shares food) and now I am going to explore the city. Expect some fotos later.

Riga and hospitalityclub.org

Riga SkylineFoto from Brent@FlickrI am going to Riga! Yeah! From thursday to tuesday I’ll be travelling in the wild east and enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful Baltic city. So you can expect some reports from Riga on stylewalker.net

By some magic coincidence I met some Latvians on the train (they looked cool and had t-shirts with a strange language print, so I assumed they had to be Latvians. I asked them: and it was true!) who recommended hospitalityclub.org. Check it out: you’ll be amazed.
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