Robert McNally’s first exhbition

Robert McNally artworkTomorrow I am off to London for four days, yay! The occasion couldn’t be more interesting. One of Britains most promising artists holds his first exhibition at Fred galleryOne in the Other, 45 Viner St. Why promising? Not because some of the most influentious collectors (does the name Damian Hurst sound familiar e.g.) have options on his work, no: because it is absolutely amazing.

The man spends months (and I mean it: MONTHS) inside, drawing pictures with pencils in such detail and finesse with such dark humour, love and creativity that the bizarre scenes he depicts bound its spectators for a looong time. Some of his work can be seen on his myspace but the format does not do justice to his art at all. I am not a big expert but his work reminds me of MC Escher as well in his way of drawing as in the absurdity of his subjects.