Tonight: Birdy Nam Nam and Crookers, WMF

This is a good line-up, especially Birdy Nam Nam who are a kick-ass, four headed DJ crew from France with lots of style and creativity. On four decks they manage to create entire songs, supertight and ready to dance. Their big achievement is to find ways in between turntable/nerdism and straight club feel. Together with Crookers and Léonard de Léonard this sounds like a night of sweat and fun.

from 11 pm at WMF, Klosterstr 44
Birdy Nam Nam (France / live)
Crookers (Italy)
Léonard de Léonard
DJ B.Side
Suzi Wong
DJ Schmitz

Crookers DJ mix: livemix! (Paris-Social Club-FormaT-by by