I recommend “Children of men”

There is a guy, saving the world and he only wears a pair of sandals. Some journalists called this funny, other biblical, I say it’s just one of the wonderful details of this great movie. Another is that animals seem to like this guy, cats and dogs and chicken.. It’s been long since a movie took me away so much and I am still thinking about it. Let alone the idea how a whorld would look like whithout children being born anymore. For 18 years people are living with the prospect of their kind being extinct. In a world of civilization breaking apart.

Theo Farin (Clive Owen) is kidnapped by Julian (Julianne Moore), his ex-wife who wants him to help her political group, shortly after almost being killed in a terrorist bombing. He flushes all that away with a drink. But soon he will see life in a totally different way.. Actually, I don’t want to say so much about the story, it surprised me so many times, I would not want to spoil it for you.

This film is about life. And the director Alfonso Cuarón is a sure candidat for the oscars. The characters, the acting and the pictures are so close to life, especially in a movie theatre with a big screen they hypnotize you into the story. Look for the scene when Theo enters the house everybody is firing at, in sandals, without a gun: there is no cut in minutes, the camera is always behind him. Amazing.

So, go to the movies! Go see this movie, it’s worth it.

Here’s the “Children of Men” website with the trailer.

Here is just one negative thing I have to say. The “Human Life Project” website is not really appropriate. If you want to do something like this, do it right. Start a discussion about life but don’t give credits for solving puzzles. Sorry.