Music Videos with Hot Chip and Lily Allen

I just love these two videos, been watching them all day already. Both are from London and both hit the perfect dance nerve. Besides, the melodies stick in your head like glue. Enjoy: Lily Allen with “LDN” and Hot Chip with “Over and Over”.

Definetely going to watch the latter on this years Melt!-Festival. Btw: They write a pretty entertaining “melting blog” about the little necessary details if you want to organize a huge festival.
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Party in London for free

.. on a sunday eve. At least if you abstaint from spending five pounds on a beer, the Yates in London’s posh and touristic west end (right by Leicester square) might be a good choice. We came their by chance and suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a young and hedonistic crowd dancing R’n’B in the typical music video style. That was around 10 pm, pretty perfect for partying on a sunday eve.
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Human signs

In London, human signs are coming into fashion again.

You see people in the streets holding up signs trying to bring customers to restaurants, shops or even universities. I don´t know what these people make an hour but it can´t be much. Obviously it is worth paying one person for nothing but standing there with a sign, it must be coming back in additional revenues.
Welcome to service country..