Ravalejar: Streetart from in Barcelona

Here is a great movie about some street art in the barrio of Raval in Barcelona where I used to live. Well almost. My barrio was Sant Antoni and everytime I went to the centre I had to cross Raval. It’s a unique mix of cultures, art and streetlife, dark and shady, chaotic, very lively and inspiring.

The movie is done by Fritz Gnad who is (certainly amongts many other talents) a video artist and lives in Barcelona. He publishes hie videos and other obeservations in his blog feezen//freezen. [via Polylog/Wildpark]

This weekend: Sonar and midsummer

KubikNext weekend I’ll be in Berlin, neither in Sweden nor in Barcelona. Which is a shame because in Sweden they’ll be celebrating midsommar, the endless day and in Barcelona Sónar, the endless night. The multimedia and electronic music festival with acts like Beastie Boys, Justice or Devon starts today. Many people come to Barcelona, only for all the parties that surround Sónar without ever setting foot on the festival area. Especially the parties at the beach are famous and Sónar fills the chiringuitos with party people ever since we made a party there about four years ago (yes, that was actually not so common back then). And the Kubik concept spreads to Barcelona, opens this weekend.

Update: There’s a special midsommer celebration open air party going on for three days in a formy red army military base in Bernau, close to Berlin with many, many great electronic music acts organized by such infamous party crews like Pentagonik, Wir sind Park or Patentblau.: Check out the lineup, pictures and how to get there!

And here is a little impression of how it looks now: Michael Mayer on the beach for Sónar 2006 Continue reading

Semana Santa in Tarifa

Tarifa Semana SantaThe road trip was awesome. We went down all of Spain’s Meditarranean coast – from Barcelona to Tarifa. Climbing, looking at impressive sites like the Alhambra in Granada, passing Almería and Cordoba, staying in comfortable surfer’s huts in Tarifa, going over to Tanger, Marcocco, partying in Marbella and climbing in Torrembada again. All over: perfect days with lots of unexpected encounters, pleasent and unpleasent surprises (people we don’t even know let us sleep in their apartment – the motor of the rented car breaks down 11pm on the motorway..) and many images that will stick in my mind. Enjoy some of the pictures that tell a little part of the story or watch even more pictures on Flickr!
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DJ for rent!

Marco DelvaiThere will be the great chance to book a DJ from Barcelona for your party in Berlin! Marco Delvai is going to be here and will bring his music. He is a resident in Barcelona’s famous club city hall (best day: sunday evening on the terrace..) and has been playing in many other sites in Spain and lately even in London with Mike Monday on an afterhour called WRONG.

Do you need to know more to be sure he knows what he’s doing? Check out the two mixes at the bottom and another blogpost! This guy is on the rise and you could be part of it. He will be here september 21st (thursday) to sep 26th (tuesday), drop me a mail and we’ll talk about the details! Continue reading

Marco Delvai in the mix

Marco DelvaiFoto from Wasabi-BlogMarco Delvai aka Markus Blauenberg is a DJ from Barcelona and why he took this funny German name is a story he has yet to tell me..

I am proud to present two of his mixes, he manages to combine the Barcelonian hedonism and the Berlin minimal sawtooth attacks. Very hypnotic, very danceable, very pushy, very cool. With his partner Jordi he forms “Wasabi experience“, they play in clubs like Lekasbah or City Hall and at the beach, of course.

Apparently, the last weeks have been full of experiences, Sonar, Sant Jordi, hot Spanish summers, who knows Barcelona, knows what I am talking about. So enjoy the first mix, produced before Sonar, which is a little more laid back, even shy and the second one, straight-forward, even a little distorted and much more adventorous.

Mix 1 (may 2006):

Mix 2 (july 2006) “The Key to Our Soul”

Barcelona controls beach bars

Chiringuito BarcelonaFoto: Mario BarcelonaAbout exactly three years ago, I made a beach party in Barcelona as a closing event for Sonar festival. It was great, we had cool Cologne DJs spinning (M.I.A., Sascha Mikloweit, Marc Lansley from Substatic..), but unfortunately we had to stop at 01:00h because of the noise or the license. Of course, we could not build our own infrastructure on the beach, without permission it was just too dangerous, our lawyer adviced us. So we relied on one of the popular “chiringuitos”, bars at the city’s beaches, that exist all over the coast, big and small, simple and pompous, oldfashioned and modern-stylish.
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Tonight: Barca vs Milan

Since my current home Berlin is not really capital of the most beautiful, neither succesful football, my other home, Barcelona, pretty much fills that emotional void in me.

So, tonight, get ready for the battle of giants: AC Milan vs FC Barcelona.
Kaka vs Ronaldinho, Shevchenko vs Eto’o, Inzaghi vs Puyol..

To put you into the mood for great football, watch this video (Ronaldo – yes, actually used to be a good player – Maradona, Pelé and many more..)
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Nike Football Campaign

Joga BonitoCertainly, we are going to see a war for awareness in summer when the world is watching the football world cup and the opponents: Adidas vs Nike.

Nike already started a massive internet campaign with “Joga bonito” (Portuguese for “Play nice”). You’ll find many cool movies and a community: www.joga.com (the page with the fastest growing rate of attention lately, as per Alexa.com)

Talk about viral effects: The videos are little masterpieces about how to play beautiful football and the website makes it easy to share. Of course yu can send an email with link, but there’s also a code snippet, people can put into their websites. Here’s an example: Continue reading

Barcelona Street Art

Dear visitor from barcelonastreetart.com – welcome! This is a blog, almost daily updated, about music, lifestyle and science from Berlin, Barcelona and the net. Go to the homepage, use the categories to browse to the content or the RSS-feed to stay updated!

Barcelona Street ArtWhile looking for Pian&Hase on Google (because they failed to give me their press information.. artists – you need an agent!) I found Mr. Case. He not only runs the stunning page barcelonastreetart.net, but also documents the works of urban decorators on Flickr and YouTube. Watch his movie about the short life of a street art object. Continue reading

Pian & Hase Magazine Launch

Out Now!Now I have to say goodbye to Barcelona and my heart is bleeding not only a little. A nice last event was the launch of Venezolanian artists Pian & Hase at the Intro store in Gracia. They produce pop arty, streety and hiphoppy designs.
They already worked in many different places all over the world and now really like it in Barcelona. Watch more fotos on Stylewalker@Flickr.