My favorite VICE videos


Vice definitely opened up a new video genre in the last years: video documentaries which go over the edge of what was possible to show on tv. Too radical, too sexual, too much crime, less professional also sometimes. But always with a very good feel of what fans of the darker sides of the internet and the more subcultural aspects of modern societies are interested in. Some of the stuff can be called sensationalist and even superficial, but there are some pearls of their work I would like to highlight here.
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Adecco vs Blogger – part two

Short intro: The blogger Turner Barr accuses the global HRM firm Adecco of having used his idea, name and even personality for a campaign.

adecco blogger copy scandal 2

In my first post about the fight over “Around the world in 80 jobs” I mentioned I had both asked Turner Barr and Adecco for further clarifications. I had asked Turner since when he had been in contact with Adecco, what he wanted to achieve, what they had offered and what he considers being a good outcome of the story. After their first reply I had asked Adecco (again) how and in which kind of process they had developed the idea and also questioned the “corporate social responsibility” character of the campaign which looks more like a brand idea to me. Read more →

Was ihr schon immer über die Freiheit des Netz wissen wolltet

arte Web doku

Die großartige arte-Dokumentation “Die wilden Wurzeln des World Wide Web” verlangt vom Zuschauer einiges an Konzentration. Denn sie macht die ganz große Kurve von den Anfängen des Netz als Underground-Hacker-Hippie-Spielzeug bis zu den heutigen Verteilungs- und Regulierungskämpfen. Freie Software, Hacker Spaces, Politik, 3D Drucker, Überwachung, Internet of things, Urheberrecht, es kann einem ganz schwindelig werden. Aber sie ist sehr gut gemacht und unterhaltsam, auch wenn man noch nicht so tief in die Thematik über die Freiheit des Internets eingestiegen ist. Schaut diese Doku! Read more →


Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-04 um 16.40.20

Es ist eine schockierende, verstörende und bedrückende Lebensbeichte, die Alma in dieser Dokumentation ablegt. Sie sitzt vor der Kamera und erzählt von ihrer Vergangenheit als Gangmitglied der Maras in Guatemala. Sie spricht, zittert, weint, fasst sich wieder, versinkt in sich. Die Geschichte beginnt mit ihrem ersten Mord, danach erzählt sie von ihrer Kindheit, wie sie in die Gang kam, von ihrem Alltag mit Schutzgelderpressungen und Drogendeals, von Liebe, Flucht, Rückkehr und dem Versuch auszusteigen. Read more →

The truth about focus groups

Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-24 um 18.43.04

If you work in communication you know this situation. “Focus groups” are people picked by an advertising or market research agency who represent customers. They are put in a room to share ideas about a product, a design or a campaign. They are meant to find out “insights” and feedback to test the marketability, but in fact, most of the time they are like shown in the video after the click. Read more →

Why Own It?

Here is a new startup I like: The name is pretty descriptive since it is about collaborative consumption. It’s an app where people catalogue what they own and would be willing to lend. You connect your friend lists from Facebook and can find out what you can borrow from your friends. Simply idea, neatly done, I could take a look at the preview. I think sharing more physical stuff is a way of living more efficiently and resource friendly and a little step into solving the world’s problem of excessive consumption. Respect and all the best to Phillip and his crew. Read more →