Fresh Stylewalker DJ mixes

In may, I played at the Webinale party and was quite excited because it took place at Week End club on top of Berlin with a brilliant soundsystem and DJ booth. The party was great and everybody danced plus I was lucky to have the mix recorded so here I can present two 30 minutes mixes, one opening house mix and one which is more dubsteppy and in the end loaded with hiphop classics. Enjoy!

Was sich am Bachelor-System ändern muss

Bildungsstreik in Münster von Gedankenstuecke auf Flickr

Diese Woche streiken Schülerinnen, Schüler, Studenten für Verbesserungen des Bildungssystems. Die Demonstrierenden wenden sich gegen Studiengebühren, “Turbo-Abi” und vollgestopfte Bachelor-Studienpläne. Sie wenden sich gegen Bildungsprivatisierung, gegen Leistungs- und Konkurrenzdruck, gegen “Gesetze des Marktes” im Bereich der Bildung. Anders als in vorangegangenen Streiks haben es die Organisatoren dieses Mal geschafft, mehr als 150 000 auf die Straße zu bringen. Vor allem die Forderung, die Bachelor-Studienpläne zu überarbeiten ist immens wichtig.

Weiterlesen im Trabayo-Blog.


Trabayo is the name of an enterprise I am starting right now together with four friends and actually many more people you will all get to know soon. I am saying enterprise because it is going to be journey to see something become live we have been thinking about for a long time and of which we think might help a lot of people.


The idea is to give students a place to present a certain talent and a specific service. Students need ways to make a little money aside, in a flexible way and they have myriad talents from baysitting to fixing motobikes, from groceries for grandma to being a style and shopping assistant. We want to add useful tools to administer service deals and finally offer a pro version. On you can follow our progress, even more detailed is

If you register now on you will be using this service free, forever! Take the ride with us, I would be delighted.

Moneyprinting, party of friends, Politcamp

It’s going to be a pretty active weekend, I am not talking about riots. But there is lots of cool stuff going on in Berlin this weekend: Tonight, thursday, there is the money printing contest which will take place at Mariannenplatz 21 in Kreuzberg 36. (“Who hasn’t thought about it? The perfect solution in this time of global meltdown and financial disaster! We need to make our own money!”) Great, arty and subversive idea by Czentrifuga.

Tomorrow night, I will be playing at CRACKERS, Heidestrasse 5, a friend is organizing a party for friends, come if you’re a friend! (see the flyer to the left).

Then, saturday and sunday, I will be attending Politcamp09, a barcamp about politics. I’ll try to post an English summary here.

Some impressions from Thailand

Fram Bangkok to Ranong, to Ko Chang, to Kao Lak, to Krabi, to Surat Thani, to Ko Samui, to Bangkok.
I felt like a boy in Disney Land, with too little time to try it all out; the snorkeling, the Kyte surfing, the trekking, all the great food, the North, more islands, meet more people, suck it all ever more.. Only three weeks to be inspired, to meet people, to become fascinated by the Thai energy of doing, family, public life, smiling, enjoying.

Fashionweek Berlin 09 Rückblick

fashionweekberlin09_iekelinestangeAls normaler Hauptstadtbewohner merkt man es kaum, höchstens wenn einmal ein schön gebrandeter Shuttle-Mercedes vorbei fährt oder der Mitbewohner mit prall gefüllten Taschen von der Bernhard Willem Show im Postbahnhof zurück kommt: Die Fashionweek war die letzten Tage in vollem Gang und neigt sich heute ihrem Ende zu. Zeit für einen kleinen Rückblick. (Bild von m.ariii)
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My work for PANORAMA3000 and Jusos

Inspired by Peter’s blogpost about Life updates, I would like to state some things, too.

Over the last year (2008), I was still working as a freelance online consultant but mainly doing concepts and creating ideas for the Berlin based digital communications agency PANORAMA3000 and its clients. I started to work for P3000 in december 2007 after having finished my studies in communcation and business at FU Berlin.

Working for P3000 has been great so far, it’s a very ambitious and young team, consisting of people who like exactly what I like: music, the interwebs and being creative. I had lots of possibilities to shape ideas and concepts for clients like Universal Music, Sony Music, arvato Bertelsmann and even the Golfclub Wannsee Berlin. Some of my posts here might have been work related but since most of it treats with funky web ideas and music, I did not take the chance every time to say I was also working (for money!) with that particular project. Sorry for that.

Next year we’ll be working for young socialists within the Social Democratic Party (SPD), short: Jusos. There are elections to the European parliament and the Bundestag (German parliament who then elect the government) coming up and we will be helping Jusos to tune their websites and most of all their online supporters management, using social media platforms and tools. You probably know that I did work for SPD with ABFace2net in the past. And that always featured posts dealing with politics.

Of course I will present some strategies, tools and ideas here and hope you will find it interesting to take a look at our work and sometimes behind the curtains. Personally, I like the social democratic people we are working with and often, of course not always, agree with their political ideas about a social society, education, environment and regulating financial markets on a global level.

Beam Stylewalker to Next09

I want to speak at Next09 and I need your help to do so!

is a conference for digital communication, economy, the web, technology and the actors within this world. “Share economy” will be the theme for this year, the conference will see speakers from all over the world, the private and the public sector, workshops and start-up presentations. All supposedly dealing with how digital technology, especially the internet, is changing the way people communicate and do business with enabling them to share. Next09 is organized by the Hamburg based company SinnerSchrader.

So, here is the plan: Propose me as a speaker! I did so myself already but I need a little more support, so I will post here what I wrote to Next09 and if you like it,

I very much ask you to go to this speaker proposal form and suggest me!
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