Schwarz Don’t Crack


I saw them yesterday at a shop opening which is not really the greatest environment for a band to perform. Yet, they did very well, filled the room with atmosphere and played a really good performance. “Schwarz Don’t Crack” is the name and the band consists of Sebastian Kreis and Ahmad Larnes. Ahmad’s singing is definitely a trade mark, with his deep expression and variety of details and mixes well with the electronic RnB sound floor which Sebastian creates underneath. Very slow disco beats and lots of pop samples create a style which sounds familiar yet unique. They are about to release an album on B pitch records and Melt booking already have them in their roster. So the future is bright for this likeable odd couple, watch them grow.
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New favorite hip hop crew: the Underachievers. They are young but their sound is somewhat timeless. A little Golden Era, a little conscious school, some reduced modern effects. Very laid back, very lyrical, very simple but very compelling. I’ve been listening to their mixtape “Indigoism” several times and it’s become a good friend, like someone you know well but always hope to find out more about. Read more →

Ein Fotobuch für mehr sauberes Wasser

Blattkunst Viva Con Agua“Licht ins Dunkel” ist ja immer eine schöne Metapher für alle möglichen karitativen Anlässe. In diesem Fall ist der Spruch aber gut gewählt, denn es geht um ein Fotoprojekt, das mit Porträts in der Dunkelheit arbeitet. Die Meta-Ebene ist eins der größten Probleme der Welt: Sauberes Wasser.

Dahinter stecken der Fotograf Kai Effinger und die Organisation Viva Con Agua, die zusammen ein Fotobuch und eine Ausstellung mit den oben beschriebenen Porträts machen wollen. Die Erlöse aus dem Verkauf fließen wieder in Wasserprojekte zu. Außerdem dabei sind eine Reihe Künstler, wie die Orsons, Samy Deluxes Tsunami Band oder Ganjaman, die sich alle schon fotografieren ließen. Read more →

Kensaye, a French producer in London


I get a lot of music submissions for this blog and often I know from the way the mail is written that I am not going to be interested. This case was different. The mail was personal and concise and by the producer himself. His name is Kensaye and he writes: “My name is Kensaye, I am a French producer based in London, UK. I focus on soul/hip-hop/electro/chill music and I release material from time to time. I’m unsigned and independent.” Read more →

Great video, great DJ premier sound

Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-12 um 11.29.49

You know it’s a DJ Premier song after two bars. Here is another great track he produced for Joey Bada$$ and it just sounds as oldschooly and warm as we love it. Bada$$ has a great, laid back, hypnotic way to rap like Nas in his good times. Now add some superb video artists to make an outstanding visual representation and a new classic is born. Enjoy “Unorthodox”: Read more →

Testing Traktor for iPad

Finally, Native Instruments released an app for the ipad called “Traktor DJ“. Since Traktor is the widest used DJ software and the ipad has so much to offer to manipulate music with its interface the expectations were extremely high. And they didn’t fail. The price of 18 EUR is ok for what you get and after reading the first reviews and I instantly had to download and try it.
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