Final shows at Melt08

Melt Festival 08: Berlin Battery final show of the festival
The last moment of a long DJ show at a festival often is a magical moment, especially when it’s the last gig on that stage. I remember Roni Size and Dynamite playing extra long into the sunlight, same for Goldie next year as last show on the big stage.

This year, Goldie again was part of a legendary show: Skream, Lowqui and the godfather of DnB rocked the Dubstep floor massively on saturday. Watch Skream crowdsurfing in a video below. And with this year sunday being the last day of the festival, the big honour to close Melt 08 laid in the hands of Berlin Battery who had several last records until finally the gates had to close and everybody had to go home, to sleep, or to rock on at the Sleepless floor outside. Despite all the criticism coming down to Melt! this year, with such a frenetic finishing, it cannot have been such a bad festival..

How was Melt!08?

Goldie at Melt08by Jesus PresleyI wrote about Melt05, Melt06 and Melt07 and in the first years I had the feeling to be one lonely chronist of this special festival, the last two years there has been an impressive coverage from press and blog, so this time I am only telling my own story and link to others to round everything up.

It has been the biggest Melt! festival so far with more than 20 000 visitors and three days of packed stages from rock to techno from bands to Djs. And things that grow hurt sometimes. It’s not easy to maintain the magic of a small festival with special bands if more and more people want to come and see it. It’s a big tease and a big challenge to let it grow, organize three days instead of two and produce a big show like the one Björk did on the last day, sunday.
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My Melt! artists

As soon as I say it, my list flies in! I’m proud to take of the following artists at Melt! 08:
Alter Ego, Booka Shade, Boys Noize, Doc Scott, Hercules and Love Affair, Kissy Sell Out, M.A.N.D.Y., Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Mr. Oizo, Technotronic, Uffie & DJ Feadz
I’m SO looking forward to it.

Melt! – here we go again

There’s less than a month to wait for Melt! festival taking off again. I’m looking forward to working there again, you can read about my experiences at this beautiful and excessive festival in several articles on!

I don’t know which artists I am going to take care of this time, I’ll post it as soon as I know. But everything about the line up, maps, tickets, pics and videos you can find in the Melt! (blog me) SITE below. Repost it at your blog (just click “blog me”), Myspace or Facebook and take the chance to win tickets!

The Melt! (blog me) SITE is a product by PANORAMA3000 for Melt!

Best of Popkomm

PopkommSo, the wild days have started, Berlin is a little extra hyped on top, a little more than normally even, because big pop business is in town. Yes, there is still a big music industry but it’s not lables so much anymore that make the big profits. It’s all in the live concerts. The bookers, the agencies, the festival organizers – these are the ones that run the business really.

So it’s all about concerts and which band is able to really give the people a good time and makes them tell their friends and come back the next time. Music is a service, more than ever.

A band who is able to rock it every time are Mike Skinner aka the Streets and his musicians. Wednesday evening, a sponsored concert brought about 1500 people to an open air venue and after a little chilly start everybody got into a great mood and danced and hugged each other to get a little warmer. Thumbs up for Mike Skinner!

Yesterday, I missed Polarkreis18 AGAIN! Damn, but these boys play and play and actually here is a little concert (again, by Sli-Fi, these people have a LOT of stuff on the net..)

So what’s the program? Tonight: Trentemöller at Maria and Sonar Kollektiv, at Tape and saturday Pokerflat night at Watergate and Sunday, well, if the weather stays as great as it did these days, there will be some open air after hour like the Stadtfest or the Karneval for sure..

How was Melt festival 07?

Deichkind Boot Melt 07Picture by LotteLenyaThis is one of the articles I have been working on far too long. Melt’s been over for more than a week but I just had to let this monster out finally. Read about the best and the worst concerts, see the best videos, find the funniest reviews on the net and find out what Goldie did when his records got transported to London instead of Melt festival.

It’s interesting: Two years ago, I was one of a few people who wrote about the Melt! festival and one a few people who posted their festival pictures on Flickr. YouTube didn’t exist back then. Last year, there were tons of pictures and videos. And this year, there are even many, many blog posts about this amazing festival on an extraordinary site, not to forget the Melt-forum which has an impressive way of self organization – one half of the people bitches about prices, the growing size, quality of the music and the other half defends their favorite festival with enthusiasm. So I watched many many videos on YouTube, scanned Flickr and the blogosphere just to get you the best and most relevant material on this year’s issue of one of the greatest festivals on the planet.
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Next weekend: Melt!-Festival

Melt07 is about to take place, again in Ferropolis, Gräfenhainichen. The weather forecast is not bad at all, some rain on friday afternoon (so I’ll bring my cool neon rain jacket) but pure sun on saturday and sunday. It’s probably Germany’s best festival, with a lineup that includes so many great DJs and bands that it will be difficult to decide what to see.

I will be working again as artist host which means I am the first person to talk to and take care of all the special needs of the musicians and their party. I had the chance to meet some really interesting people in the last two years, like Aphex Twin, Roni Size, Bloc Party, Hot Chip or Laid Back. This year I am honoured to be the host for Dizzie Rascal, Goldie, Trentemöller, Goose, Ladytron and Snap. Oh and Deickind again, haha. Probably, I’ll figure that out when I am there on friday.

Read all about Stylewalker’s experience at Melt! of the last two years.

Melt!06 – Looking back to a great festival

Deichkind Photo by Substrat@FlickrSo, first of all: Melt!-festival this year was amazing! It was quite an experience and I think there’s few people who weren’t happy with it. For the visitors, the organizers, the artists, it was just some some incredible days in the sun, in an extraordinary environment with the best music one can imagine. Again, it was like having a party for some 15 000 people.

Yes, I am totally excited about Melt!, not only because I had a great time and met so many interesting people; it’s just this feeling to be part of something special and to share moments to remember. And thanks to YouTube and Flickr I can document all those exciting moments with (moving) images. One year ago, that was not possible. Continue reading

Melt! Fotos

This weekend has been great! A lot of fun, a lot of work, a lot of wonderful people. It was just like having a party for 10 000 friends and we were the hosts. We tried our best to feed the stars with all they needed, I took care of Bright Eyes, Laid Back, The Cribs, Bloc Party, Fisherspooner and the Phoneheads. It was a beautiful festival, here are some fotos:

53Melt_Festival_2005 36Melt_Festival_2005

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