My “Massiv e Sharif” dubstep mixtape


I recorded this mixtape a while ago, inspired by my stay at Outlook festival. It’s called “Massive e Sharif”. Massive as in big and voluminous, living bass lines and Sharif as in noble protectors of the tribe for elegant grooves and sophisticated rhythms. Enjoy.


Badman VIP – Kryptic Minds
Blackout – Jack Sparrow
Kingfisher – RSD
Good Music – Bombaman
Sidewinder – Killawatt
Sweat – Untold
Booyant – Distal
The Raven – Biome
Avalanche – Photek
Deep Tech – Icicle
False Flag – Moving Ninja, Pinch

My best tracks from the Devorama party

The Devorama party was a big, packed, sweaty and joyful event. I was superhyped and excited that everything went so well and sat at the terrace with the last crew until the sun rose. The party guests showed their devotion with buying more drinks after the 30 free beer crates were gone. And of course, I took my chance to play some tunes after Symbiz had finished the energy loaded show. Here are my favorites of this quite dark dubstep set which actually made some people dance in the end.

Starting very dark and intense with Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP

Spill in some echo reggae sweetness, RSD – Kingfisher

It gets a bit funkier and people start to get it with Killawatt’s Mantra

And my highlight Distal – Booyant

I ended with more straight tunes, like Martyn and Mike Slotts All Nights

to hand over to Paula who continued with discoish tunes from the Loftus Hall

The pic up there is by Matze Hielscher, finde more party pics here!

Hiphop Open anniversary compilation

After Splash festival, the Hiphop Open in Stuttgart is the second hiphop festival in Germany. This year, they celebrated their tenth anniversary in beautiful weather. Here is a nice anthem video:

HIPHOP OPEN ANTHEM from Jay 0711 on Vimeo.

And a little compilation of acts during the festival (not the greatest camera though..)

Schowi, one of the founders, member of the legendary Massive Töne, and now DJ in Berlin, did a mixtape with lots of classics which you can get on itunes

Super summer mix

This here flew in my inbox and I like it:

Cris Urban (DJ, Exploited Rec. assistant, designer,blogger) has got a new live mix (live recorded,no abelton set, no sync Button) called “Calamari”. Cris gives you a good summervibe, you will find artists like Doctor Dru, Flight Facilities, Robosonic, Rampa, Solomun, Zombie Disco Squad, David August, Kink & Deniz Kurtel.

He says: “Not only for listening in the office, your kitchen with friends or at the balcony… even for your way to the park or to the next open air. ” True.

Full playlist and more info on Cris’ blog.

Projecting digital DJing interfaces on Vinyl

Wow, here is the next step, using records and mixer as background for user interface projections and making the pictures and the software react to gestures. Check out a video below.

I think digital DJing is ok, but I am sure we haven’t reached the point yet where truly the advantages, compared to classic vinyl, rule out the disadvantages. Sure, you can carry much more music with way less weight and you have more live editing possibilities. Still, the interfaces for picking music and mixing works better with real records in my opinion. There’s no comparison to flipping through records in a case and decide what to put on next and the visible waveform on the vinyl tells you about the dramaturgy of the track. Not talking about the sound differences where vinyl still has the most depth.

With the experimental software shown in the video which connects to Serato Sratch, an important step could be possible: the visualization of records onto your record player and the visualisation of track information on your user interface.

Projection Mapping Onto Turntables from E.N.S. on Vimeo.

Two people seem to be behind that, I couldn’t really figure out who is who by research, but I found Ian Silverman aka E.N.S. and this YouTube playlist which documents CyrusBUK’s work on that project.

Party Arty 37 – avec Stylewalker

“Woah, that’s a big flyer”. Hell yeah! It’s a big party. I am excited because I’ve always been a fan of Party Arty and now finally I get to play there. Stylewalker on the decks again! This saturday, Ritter Butzke.

I always liked it because it was different. Always with big ambitions, Yaneq, the party dictator and organizer, tried to mix “vibes from different tribes” and presented diverse music, installations, performances and always a good crowd of people. In case you’ve never been there, here’s your chance: comment or hit me up via mail or Facebook if you want to be on the guestlist.

This is my personal agenda: The more people come, the more likely it is that I get a room on my own. And I want that, together with DJ Gaucho we would give you a good time on a little club floor.

And the rest of the crew is grand too, Sirius Mo and many others, check the line up here.

Not convinced yet? Watch this video of party mayhem and get your ass there on saturday!

Oh, music? Sure! Go back to my Party Arty 37 tracks selection and listen to this mix by Gaucho

Und wer immer noch nach mehr Hintergrundinfos dürstet, dem sei hier dieses Interview (aus meiner Küche) gegeben:

Ben UFO at Boilerroom

Here is a great video mix by Ben UFO which I am currently listening to, at 9pm on a friday, ready to let the week behind me. And the music is perfect for that, a bit discoish, a bit breaky, a bit dreamy, nicely mixed, the way I like to do it, too (and sometimes even succeed). Enjoy and have a great weekend!

BR# 68 Ben UFO from BOILER ROOM on Vimeo.

In case you don’t know what Boilerroom TV, the club meets web live music experience is, I wrote about it before, so check it out here.

Mix of the week: Sbtrkt essential mix

Sbtrkt came out of nowhere and just like James Blake, Jamie Woon and Nicolas Jaar captured very fast a place in the area of bassy, dubby and abstract dance and pop music. All they did, they did well and everything seems planned and thought. Their debut record “Sbtrkt” is very complete and well done, they have a real hit on it to get radio plays (“Pharaos“), they remixed Radiohead and released mixtapes for RinseFM and Mary Ann Hobbs.
Here is the essential mix which starts very shattered but then rolls up to some real danceable dubsteppy and breaky floor monster. Click here for the tracklist. Firts of december they will be in Berlin at Lido