Plans 2.1

Wow, so many plans and no time to realize it all. So, note to self: Do it, lazy boy!

  • 1st: Integrate tags into stylewalker – I have enough content now to tag it more thoroughly and it would be cool to let people participate – suggest tags and if I like them they will be part of the categorization. Does anyone know a good WP-plugin?
  • Start a blog about organizational identity and weblogs. I am writing my master thesis and should export some wisdom to the net.
  • Buy a DJ! A friend is coming from Barcelona, Marco Delvai, you can book him for little money and big fun! Expect more information later.
  • A guide to MySpace – people keep asking me what to do there and I should write down all the things I tell each one of them.

And: A great mix at Miss Glitter – Bastard Cutz on bastard rec.

Comments about the propositions are open and welcome. Say something!

Eat cheap and good in Chinatown

Chinatown Jobee RestaurantNew York is an expensive city. Really?!
Yesterday I found a great place to eat lunch: Jobee on 3 Howard Street, Chinatown. An all you can eat but not at all shabby buffet for 4$! We enjoyed the good food and the chinese hospitality. A real Stylewalker recommendation! The only I did not like was the sea weed, but that’s ok, I can live without it. We had even free tee on our tables and two big bowls of steaming rice.. Continue reading

Get free WiFi in Barcelona

Biblioteca RavalThe best way to connect yourself to the internet in Barcelona with your wifi-able laptop is to become a member of the public libraries of Barcelona. Almost every one has a wireless router which you can access with your member number. It is totally free and the buildings are amazing, they give you a map and information about opening hours when becoming a member.

Right now I am sitting in the one in Raval, the Biblioteca Pública Sant Pau – Santa Creu in c/ Hospital. It is 15min before closing and they have the nice habit to turn on some music. In my case it’s Boby Dylan’s “Everybody must get stoned”.. Pleasent places, really.

Party in London for free

.. on a sunday eve. At least if you abstaint from spending five pounds on a beer, the Yates in London’s posh and touristic west end (right by Leicester square) might be a good choice. We came their by chance and suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a young and hedonistic crowd dancing R’n’B in the typical music video style. That was around 10 pm, pretty perfect for partying on a sunday eve.
Continue reading

Discount for La Paloma

La Paloma“La Paloma” is one of the most famous clubs in Barcelona, has been location for many movies and is definitely worth a visit. It is a dancing hall with over 100 years of tradition.

Still, evenings often start with an old-fashioned Spanish dance band and senior couples move cheek to cheek. At midnight the music changes and DJs, often with percussionists, take over with a funky fusion of soul, breakbeats and disco. Very stlyewalker-style, actually..

Thursday is Bongo-lounge which is the best day to go, you will find lots of students and a very flirty atmosphere. La PalomaUnfortunately it is really expensive, but here’s a nice trick:

Go to the bar “Benidorm” which is really close and order a drink. Then you ask for “entradas”, most likely they will give you free tickets for the night. Once you’re in, be prepared to Barcelona’s high prices: A beer is 5€ (moreover: it’s Heineken..)