A Brief History of John Baldessari

John Baldessari will most likely be remembered as “the guy who put dots on peoples faces”. That’s what he says himself in this highly entertaining video biography full with with information about the legendary American artist. His own wish was that the commentary should be spoken by Tom Waits and his wish came true. Please enjoy six dense minutes about the man, his workplace, his art and his heritage. And why he burnt all he ever made in 1970. Read more →

The most impressive public display projects

I have always been interested and fascinated by projections and screens in public space. Not the usual tv in a metro which shows news but visual elements that change the environment and use them as integral part. Back in 2007 I wrote about my friend Frederic Eyl who invented the “parasite”, which can be placed at the outside of a metro wagon and projects on the outside wall so travelers see the visuals from the inside.

In 2001 I was witness to one of the most impressive projects, a whole house as a screen, using single windows with lamps behind as digits! Blinkenlights took place the first time in Berlin at Alexanderplatz, watch a video documentary:

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