Sirius Mo & MC Ramon: Itchy / Cornerboy

Sirius Mo MC Ramon Itchy Cornerboy

This is one of the best music videos so far this year and one of the coolest ever, so it needs to be on Being a huge Sirius Mo fan myself, I was happy to know he is releasing a new album on Monkeytown. This is his first signal and it’s a perfect fit.

We see Roman Geike aka MC Ramon aka Romano as a starring character, playing: himself. Roman is an entertainer by heart, be it as a rapping “cornerboy” or be it as German chansonnier (“Schlagerstar”) as you see in this video – he always takes it very seriously. This enthusiasm is infecting. In the video Ramon is walking the streets of Berlin, dancing in a washing saloon and visiting people in their gardens: everybody falls for his charme.

The video is also about Moritz’ aka Sirius Mo’s home, Berlin-Friedrichshagen (I think!), close to the lake Müggelsee. It’s a great contrast, the home turf and the rapper who used to be a Schlagerstar and the fusion electronic music which can easily appeal to anybody who is into grooves and melodies.

Enjoy “Itchy / Cornerboy”: