Schwarz Don’t Crack


I saw them yesterday at a shop opening which is not really the greatest environment for a band to perform. Yet, they did very well, filled the room with atmosphere and played a really good performance. “Schwarz Don’t Crack” is the name and the band consists of Sebastian Kreis and Ahmad Larnes. Ahmad’s singing is definitely a trade mark, with his deep expression and variety of details and mixes well with the electronic RnB sound floor which Sebastian creates underneath. Very slow disco beats and lots of pop samples create a style which sounds familiar yet unique. They are about to release an album on B pitch records and Melt booking already have them in their roster. So the future is bright for this likeable odd couple, watch them grow.

Hear for yourself, here’s their first track:

Find more on their Soundcloud.

I especially like the “Miami” video. It reminds me of the clips I tried to produce with my friends when I was fourteen.

Here is a good interview which tells their story.

(Photocredit: Vitali v. Gelwich)