Watch Dillon Cooper


It’s a revival of the classic golden era sounding rappers. You know the Underachievers, here comes Dillon Cooper. He is 19, from Brooklyn, music student, pianist, rapper. Good flow. Smart.

His latest single gains some interest, even in Germany. Take a double bass, take some warm drums, a hypnotic rap, a good production, here is State of Elevation. It’s a hit.

Before he did justice to Mobb Deep on “Survival of the fittest” from january.

Tim Larew of The Fresh Heir interviewed him and tells the story. Here is the second part of the interview.

The song which kick started him is “Shadows”.

He’s not really a lyricist but he has a great flow and his videos definitely help with his popularity. In which he also appears as a director. So he is talented in many ways and he’s young and he seems, as said, smart. I think he’s a guy to watch (but he should definitely get a website).

Photocred: Soulculture