Google Berlin office opening

Yesterday, Google opened their brand new Berlin office and invited a lot of people to take a look at their rooms, have some drinks and mingle. Of course, it wouldn’t be Google without some special features and activities. Cookies provided the food and drinks and all of that was not only vegetarian but also very colorful. Green, yellow, blue and red cocktails illustrated the Google colors.

The evening started with a hangout between Philip Schindler, Google VP Northern and Central Europe and politicians with a web affinity like Jimmy Schultz and Halina Wawziniak broadcasted to big screens throughout the office. The Tiefschwarz DJs took over and it turned into a very cosy office party with many, many people. In other words: it was packed.

Blackboards for the guest’s creativity

Every room is named after a Berlin club. There was a Kater Holzig, Cookies and Weekend room, I did not spot a Berghain though.

Why travel when you got Google Earth on screens as big as your living room?

Good night.