A Brief History of John Baldessari

John Baldessari will most likely be remembered as “the guy who put dots on peoples faces”. That’s what he says himself in this highly entertaining video biography full with with information about the legendary American artist. His own wish was that the commentary should be spoken by Tom Waits and his wish came true. Please enjoy six dense minutes about the man, his workplace, his art and his heritage. And why he burnt all he ever made in 1970. Read more →

Why Own It?

Here is a new startup I like: Whyown.it. The name is pretty descriptive since it is about collaborative consumption. It’s an app where people catalogue what they own and would be willing to lend. You connect your friend lists from Facebook and can find out what you can borrow from your friends. Simply idea, neatly done, I could take a look at the preview. I think sharing more physical stuff is a way of living more efficiently and resource friendly and a little step into solving the world’s problem of excessive consumption. Respect and all the best to Phillip and his crew. Read more →

Splash Festival happening now

Splash Festival is Germany’s most popular hip hop festival. I remember the first Splash in 1999, I was 19 and did an internship at Intro magazine. I travelled to more than 10 festivals in one summer (which is a lot but nothing compared to what Christine is doing this year) and Splash was one of them. I even got to go on stage and introduce artists to the crowd. I can’t quite remember why they let me do that but it was definitely a good time. Read more →