The three best skater videos I have seen lately

Since I am producing a short mountainbike video with Lukas Tielke, Carlo Dieckmann and Filmkartell at the moment I did a little research on contemporary street sport videos and here are some of the skate videos I found.

These three all have some things in common which I also found in the many other videos I watched. First, they are shot in a very distinct artistic way where every frame seems to be composed and the after effects grading is highly important. Second they like to show street scenes, people and faces and transmit a certain feel about the city where it is shot. And third, the music is really indie-emotional unlike the sound of skating when I started 15 years ago where it was all about hardcore or hiphop. In this case we have beautiful sunsets and emotional moments of freedom up to self-oblivion.

Please enjoy these three pearls of modern skate and movie culture.

A burn production: Never Extinguish from Burn on Vimeo.

Freeling from Andrew Lovgren on Vimeo.

No embed possible but worth the click is Quik by The Berrics