Projecting digital DJing interfaces on Vinyl

Wow, here is the next step, using records and mixer as background for user interface projections and making the pictures and the software react to gestures. Check out a video below.

I think digital DJing is ok, but I am sure we haven’t reached the point yet where truly the advantages, compared to classic vinyl, rule out the disadvantages. Sure, you can carry much more music with way less weight and you have more live editing possibilities. Still, the interfaces for picking music and mixing works better with real records in my opinion. There’s no comparison to flipping through records in a case and decide what to put on next and the visible waveform on the vinyl tells you about the dramaturgy of the track. Not talking about the sound differences where vinyl still has the most depth.

With the experimental software shown in the video which connects to Serato Sratch, an important step could be possible: the visualization of records onto your record player and the visualisation of track information on your user interface.

Projection Mapping Onto Turntables from E.N.S. on Vimeo.

Two people seem to be behind that, I couldn’t really figure out who is who by research, but I found Ian Silverman aka E.N.S. and this YouTube playlist which documents CyrusBUK’s work on that project.