In Bolivia

In Bolivia, you can buy dynamite in the streets of Potosi. In Bolivia you can buy gallons of 95% alcohol and people drink it. In Bolivia, no house is built without burying a dead llama fetus in the foundation. In Bolivia, you pay a Boliviano to be allowed to shit in a hole. San Pedro Prison in La Paz is one of the most bizzare prisons of the world, for a fee to inmates, tourists would go to visit the prison, people grow marihuana inside and openly manufacture cocaine from coca leaves and one gang lord built a roof house on top of it once for him and his entourage. “Marching powder” is a great book about this prison.

If it rains heavily in La Paz, whole neighborhoods slide down.

In Potosi, several million people died in one single mine. Millions of black slaves were imported to Bolivia. They worked in the mines. Today, you hardly see any black person in the street.

Today, the mines do not look much different. Stuff is carried out in sacks in the back. If people are lucky, they have a trolley. The stone is cut by hand with a hammer. Many young men work here, 14, 15 years. They chew Coca all day so they don’t feel hunger, nor tiredness. They work hard and they are very proud but all want to quit some time. No miner lives long.

In Bolivian tv, evervbody looks European. On Bolivian streets, everbody looks indigenous. People shout the destinations of the buses, just like in other countries in South America. In Bolivia though, it sounds like they are crying. In Bolivia, there are fake police men. It’s a crazy country.