Band to watch: Zpyz

I saw this band at the #tlgg2 party this saturday and was pretty impressed by their performance. It’s pure pop and a lot of energy, they certainly won many new fans that night. I think Zpyz has the potential to become pretty popular actually if they manage to build up an audience that reaches beyond Germany.

Take the arty attitude of Franz Ferdinand (just take a look at their website) , Goose’s raw energy, Chromeo’s synths and Phoenix’ pop appeal and you have Zpyz. They already played Melt! festival in 2008, remixed Polarkreis18 and have Köhncke and Koletzki remixing them which are good stories to tell.

Now they released a real hit, “She’s a dealer”, a song, almost too pop, but so catchy you cannot get away from it. It feels like you have heard it on the radio in the 80s, like Hall & Oates or Toto have come back. It’s brilliant:

Interestingly their music is released by DEAG, originally a live event company. Not a bad catch for DEAG since Zpyz can also cause a good dancing crowd beyond their spectators, getting them into the mood and groove with a tight sound and a great show, as you can see in this live clip:

Good luck guys with your music, I am pretty sure you’re gonna be big!