Find the cosy and affordable hotel in Paris

eiffelt_tower_parisParis is one of the most expensive cities. This counts also and especially for part time lodging and tourism.

Say you want to stay there for some days and know for sure that there has to be that one little hotel or bed and breakfast, a little worn and old maybe but cosy and charmin. Where to find that? Searching the web is impossible, you’ll find tons of lists and hotel room merchants from hrs to tripadvisor so I asked around via Twitter and Facebook and here is what I got:

There are several hotels recommended, outstanding in my view (without actually having seen them) are:

Eldorado – Looks cozy and individual and is not very expensive. Already booked out when I asked sadly.
Charma – Recommended by a friend’s, cosy and not too expensive, but pretty far out I must say.
Hotel Ferrandi has a very nice website also but is unfortunately closed until autumn 2010.
Another great place was A room in paris with some very motivated owners who answer at Tripadvisor and very fast via mail. Only three rooms disposable so also not available for us this time.

Another great way to stay in Paris is to privately rent an apartment which works fine with Waytostay but even better with homelidays. Here you have a list with places with lots of pictures and reviews and direct connections to the owners who rent their rooms party to tourists. Thus you kind of have the feeling to live in Paris, cook your own food and be more part of the city.

Finally we decided to pick a place from that list of private apartments to rent in Paris which is owned by a photographer and looks awesome. We’ll see if it’s as great as it looks when we are there finally. Tomorrow, cinque jours de Paris, on y va!

Picture by Alarzy on Flickr