Next weekend in Berlin: Atoms&Bits festival

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Next weekend, a bunch of friends of mine will organize the atoms&bits Camp, a weekend full of making, doing, questioning and understanding. It’s part of the Atoms & Bits festival, a decentralized event that stretches over 10 days (September 18-27th), taking place in different locations from Berlin to Brooklyn, from Munich to Montreal.

atoms&bits Camp is one of the central points of the a&b Festival. Around 400 participants will meet to discuss, plan projects, and to network. Borrowing from the Barcamp format, all participants will actively engage in the event; the presentations (“sessions”) are interactive and created by the participants themselves. In the open “Barcamp” area, participants will organize completely free sessions. Moreover, the 5 central themes of atoms&bits Festival will be addressed and discussed in designated and curated rooms. Spatial proximity and thematic ties will ensure intensive crossover among these topics.

Join us and be party of a creative party! For now, go ahead and join the A&B mixxt network! It’s free!

atoms&bits festival