Trabayo is the name of an enterprise I am starting right now together with four friends and actually many more people you will all get to know soon. I am saying enterprise because it is going to be journey to see something become live we have been thinking about for a long time and of which we think might help a lot of people.


The idea is to give students a place to present a certain talent and a specific service. Students need ways to make a little money aside, in a flexible way and they have myriad talents from baysitting to fixing motobikes, from groceries for grandma to being a style and shopping assistant. We want to add useful tools to administer service deals and finally offer a pro version. On you can follow our progress, even more detailed is

If you register now on you will be using this service free, forever! Take the ride with us, I would be delighted.


I have 5 invitations, just comment below if you would like to test putpat too.

Putpat is another musicvideosite which aims to make it simple and easy to watch music videos like back in the ol’ days on MTV. A simple, flash based interface lets you skip videos, change channels, and love or ban videos. Based on this bans or loves plus on a tool called Veequalizer users can build their own channels which will then deliver videos according to taste and mood.
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