Fête de la musique 2009

And here are some hints for this years Fête de la musique 2009 Berlin. Of course, I could also open a window and blast the streets with some Drum’n’Bass, all legal today!

You can get the whole Berlin program on fêtedelamusique.de, the Server is a little weak, Google Cache has a copy.

Hip Hop is important this year, many stages feature local acts. The most interesting in my view ist Word Up – Festival für Vielfalt und Toleranz, at Badstr / Behmstr, Wedding, with Zeugen Der Zeit (conscious, politischer hip hop, reggae), Gitta Spitta (underground rap von duman & gigaflow), Erko (hip hop), DJ Mesia (hip hop, electro), Sebi (flying steps)

At Lausitzer Platz you have rocky Elektro with Pitchtuner and Nachlader.

Art and Experiments you’ll find at Temporären Kunsthalle Berlin, Schlossfreiheit 1 with Egill Sæbjörnsson, Asia Today und DJ Jeep (Jan Joswig/ It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that yachtrock and softpop)

You get Indie-Pop with Virginia Jetzt, Super700, Element of Crime atAnnaBlumeSowohlAlsAuchZumDrittenMann-Bühne, Kollwitz with Sredzkistr.

And of course the biggest stage is in Mauerpark with Jazzanova, Kissogram, Warren Suicide and Mediengruppe Telekommander. Go out, the weather is great!

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