My DLD09 summary

First, you can get an overview of all articles published on the DLD live blog here.

After three days of intense blogging, live blogging(!), there should be a little resumée. Must be a personal one, naturally, although I aim to grasp some of that spirit hopefully many people sensed in these days of Digital, Life, Design 09.

In the position of being confronted with so many ideas, witted people, diverse subjects, opinions, trends and conversations I felt intectually challenged almost all the time. Plus, trying to find my own “art of live blogging” I was in a constant state of concentration, in search of the essence of the panels I focused on to cover. Now I feel tired and inspired, with the “Black swan” beside my bed and “What would Google do” on my desk. And with many images still in mind that make it hard just to say “DLD was awesome!”. But it certainly was.

We had economics, design, psychology, neurobiology, architecture, technology, education, fashion, music.. DLD was so diverse and at the same time deep in concern of the arguments of the people and mostly entertaining by the performance. And this inspirationally broad deepness certainly had effects on the talks in the hallway which I personal did not have. Because I had to blog. Because I was honoured to blog!

My thanks go to the whole team, all those fast and motivated people who made this conference so smooth, so you would not notice the organization, just the flow. And especially to my blogger colleagues Nicole, Oliver and Andrea. We came up with some nice techniques to cover people’s talk with live writing which include Google Docs, hand signs, twitter search, mobile photo uploads and the help of people who plug the laptops, know about details, give comments.
So thank you all, team, speakers, participants and especially to the cute coffee machine in the team room.

Before I go and polish my posts and clean up all the typos, here are my personal Top9::

9. With the Zuckerberg appearance I found the controversial twitter conversation as interesting as what was said on stage.
8. The Varsavsky – Obermann talk
7. Simplicity (mostly)
6. Fashion
5. The paddle symphony
4. Internet politics
3. Reflection on a crisis
2. The robots!
1. Predictably Irrational

And here are fotos! We love fotos. (all Flickr pics tagged with dld09)